This week, I’m in Colorado Springs for the Superstars Writing Conference. I’ll be taking an editing workshop from Dean Wesley Smith, so we’ll see how that goes.

So I’m embracing my input strength and passing along some links I’ve collected.

Why did this non-existent town show up on maps of New York? ( A mapping company put a fake town on a map to prove copyright, and someone spotted it on the map and moved in.

Fairies are a huge staple of fantasy fiction. Fairy forts have trapped many an unwary fictional traveler. But thousands of the real thing dot Ireland. Read about their history: What is a Fairy Fort? – Atlas Obscura

Artificial Intelligence is asked to depict salmon swimming upstream. This shows how much of what we think is assumed in context. They asked an AI engine to recreate “a salmon swimming down a river”, and here’s what it guessed it would look like. (real story) : Damnthatsinteresting (

Cat Calendar: If you didn’t see this online, a man from the Army Corps of Engineers (hoo-ah!) made a cat calendar. Some people are criticizing the Photoshop quality, but it’s pretty obvious he had a lot of fun creating it. The calendar is free. When you download it, make sure you scroll to the page after December. The Army Corps of Engineers Made a Glorious 2023 Cat Calendar (

And since I’m going to Colorado, this perfectly timed article shows some of the wonderful scenic views from the state. I’ll be visiting the first one on the list, Garden of the Gods, with Kevin J, Anderson. It is an amazing site to see in person. But I will take pictures! Colorado Winter Wonderland – Atlas Obscura

Finally, I’m participating in Imagination Unleashed: Fantasy & Science Fiction with Imagination (, a book giveaway. There are 115 books to pick from, so drop in and see if there’s something you like.