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What does your writing muse look like?

Sometimes it helps to picture the muse.  That’s the creative side of the brain, the part that plays when I write. Most of the time when I see discussions about the muse, it’s either treated like fairy dust or a stern school teacher.  I was thinking about what it looked like after reading an article …

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A Little Pool Action

We’re going for record-breaking temperatures in Washington, DC today and tomorrow.  According to the news, the humidity is up in the tropical category, so it’s just clogging the air.  Definitely a day for a little pool action:

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Summer Dogs

This is a wonderfully fun video of dogs and water.  Of course, it’s another story when it comes to bath time …

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Dogs of Desert Storm – Photo

As the war started, this small dog wandered into our camp, and one of the women — my roommate from back in the barracks adopted him.  She called him “Muttley.” This was taken inside the women’s tent, so you can see what our living conditions were like.  The floor was covered and taped down.  In …

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Week 2: Month of Setting

This is week 2 of my writing one setting a day for a month.  It’s nothing fancy, and in fact, the small bits are the ones I have the hardest time even remembering to get into the story.  This was a “furry” week, since I ran into a dog, a cat, a squirrel, and a …

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Rule N: Never look desperate when it comes to writing

Linda’s Rules of Writing We’re onto the letter N in Linda’s Rules of Writing of the A to Z Challenge, and it’s never to look desperate.  Sort of like Gibb’s rule to never apologize. This one was inspired by a review request I got.  The writer was emailing me blindly because I had a blog.  …

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Which is Better — Cats or Dogs?

At my critique group this last week, we got in a discussion about cats and dogs. One member had cats and thought cats were better. Another member had dogs and thought dogs were better. I grew up with both.  We had a total of four dogs and four cats. We’ll start with dogs.  They’re lovable …

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