I cringe every time I see an article about eliminating straws.

It’s symptomatic of our society pushing the blame on the person who has no control over the situation.

Not just straws, but other things like diet and exercise.

I think it’s partially because of the rush of information. All anyone can do is check the box.

But it hides the reality.

What is the reality?

I’m going to pick on plastic because it’s easy to pick on.

Everyone focuses on eliminating plastic straws because it’s a small simple thing they can do. It feels important.


Critical Thinking Cat is giving that the evil eye.

I subscribe two newspapers. Every day they arrive, each wrapped in a plastic bag.

I buy ergonomic friendly dishwasher detergent pods. They come in a cardboard box, and each pod is wrapped in plastic.

I buy organic chia seeds. Plastic bag.

I buy organic raw almond butter. Plastic jar.

But we get lectured on not recycling enough. Really?!!

Critical thinking is much needed

This is where we all need our inner Critical Thinking Cat.

Close up of striped tabby glaring at camera in only a way a cat can.
Critical Thinking Cat. Photo from ClipArt.com

Too much information is flowing past us. We all need to question it and keep questioning it.

Critical thinking is asking:

  • What’s the other side of this?
  • What are they selling me?
  • What are they getting out of it? (which is sometimes, continuing to do what they want.)

There are always people who want to take advantage of that. Always.

Keep your Critical Thinking Cat well fed.