There’s a lot of discussion about writers not being able to be productive with what’s happening out in the world. Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Anne Allen have both discussed this. I’m not able to write at all, so I’m focusing on the tedious tasks that I struggle to get to…like ebook refreshes.

These refreshes replace the interior of the book with the new template, as well as the cover. I’m just setting them up right now and will have a burst of uploads once the world gets back to normal.

Onward to the fun stuff! Ze covers!

5 Futuristic Women

The one on the left is the original cover, and the one on the right is the new one.

This is one of my early covers. I only did it about four years ago, but it now just feels dated.

So the update on the left. I particularly like how the astronaut woman’s feet are pointing to the cover where you would open the book (well, if it wasn’t an ebook). I also think it feels a little more space age than my original choice.

10 Fantasy Stories I

Like above, left is the original cover, and right is the new cover.

I struggled finding a good cover for this book. Pictures of women for fantasy books are hard to find. At the time, this was one of the few that had character relatively fully dressed. So this was what I could find, not necessarily what I really wanted.

For the new image, I actually still had trouble, but for a different reason. Most of the fantasy covers are BROWN! But the cave is pretty cool and she’s got that heroine pose (and clothes!).

Horrors when I did the interior build. One of the stories was retitled, so this book definitely needs the update.

Action Tales I

As before, left is the original, and right is the new cover.

The left is a relatively new cover for me. I only did it last year. But in that time, two things happened.

The first was the the program I use for the cover, Adobe Photoshop Elements, stopped working. It told me I didn’t have enough RAM. That turned out to be a fixable bug. But I thought I would have to upgrade my computer, so I got GIMP as a temporary fix. Well, the program was difficult to use and not all the fonts were available. That’s why the titles look different.

The second thing was that my computer failed. I was able to recover almost everything, but I did lose the original of this image.

So I have a new image and cover. I liked this one so much that I found three others to use on future refreshes.

More to come!