I’m probably crazy, but I signed up–and paid–for the Great Story Challenge. That’s one short story a week for the next year, in addition to working on my novel Superhero Portal.

The first short story is due next Sunday. That’s story is going to a submission to the Masks anthology (yeah, we all know what inspired that topic).

For anthologies like this, I start thinking of what the low hanging fruit is. You know, the first thing everyone else will think of submitting.

So, probably a lot of fantasy…that means I’m headed for science fiction.

Also probably a lot of superhero stories, since masks and superheroes is easy piece of fruit to grab. (And I was tempted; I’m working on a superhero novel called Superhero Portal).

Also a lot of dark stories because that’s been trending. I got mired down in dark after Desert Storm and I had to push my way out. I’m not going back to that for any reason. So a lighter story, hopefully fun.

It’ll be aliens – Hollywood – 1940s. That puts in the timeframe of Roswell.