Story #1 is in the can (appropriate since it’s set in Hollywood in the 1940s). It’s science fiction, titled “Mask Pretty” and weighing in at about 3K. Fun to write. I had to restart the first scene three times before I got a feel for where it was supposed to go and the tone I wanted.

Add to that, I finished three chapters in my novel Superhero Portal. This is one of the skills I want to work on, juggling short stories and novels at the same time. That is planned for the end of October and is the first in a 3 book series.

Story #2 next on plate.

This time, I wanted something that dripped setting, so:

  • Historic house
  • An antique mirror
  • Greedy relatives

My uncle, who owns a historic house, has told all kinds of horror stories about the lack of respect people have for history. They buy historic houses and then want to remodel and destroy the history. Makes you wonder about some people.