Four Mile Run, a stream that feeds into the Potomac Rive.  It's surrounded by still barren trees.
Four Mile Run, Vriginia

Spring is slowly inching its way into Washington, DC. It’s still veering from hot to cold, normal for the changing of the seasons.  But the birds have all arrived, chirping, singing, hooting, snorting, and even tapping (a woodpecker that taps 17 times per second).  The pollen death star has already set its sights on us.

The photo is of Four Mile Run, a stream that’s actually still a little dry, though you can’t tell in the photo.

Meanwhile, I have links to share with you for March!

People focus on the wrong thing when using Evernote. Write better notes to improve your experience – Not the new oil

Notetaking has been a topic I’ve been focusing on a lot lately.  I’m tired of scribbled notes that I can’t even read from writing classes.  I also want a system that makes itself useful for writing research rather than being essentially a junk drawer.  This post highlights the real problem of collecting notes in any tool: you have to do something with the information other than collect it, like writing good notes.  It seems so obvious, and yet others I’ve talked to have had the same problem with junk drawers!

Pop Culture Portrays OCD as a Blessing. It’s Not. (

This is a fascinating read into what OCD is from someone who has it. Having grown up reading and studying everything Hollywood, I’m not surprised at how bad the portrayals are.  With the time limits imposed by film length, they take shortcuts all the time.  That’s how you end up with a guy with a big nose being a bad guy

The Return of the Fey by Dean Wesley Smith — Kickstarter

If you write fantasy, check out this Kickstarter.  It’s for Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s The Fey series, an epic fantasy.  As part of the Kickstarter, you can get videos on Lessons Learning from writing the books. And even if you only sign up for $5, you can get a lot of pop-up classes.  These consist of about 12-15 videos on a particular writing topic.  We’ve already hit five stretch goals, so this will land you the following pop-ups: Epic Fantasy World Building, Creating Believable Epic Fantasy Names, Writing Epic Fantasy Series, Using History to Write Epic Fantasy.  Dean does not outline, so these will address craft from that perspective.

GALCOM Log One | Universal Book Links Help You Find Books at Your Favorite Store! (

Story #27 in the challenge, which I just finished is another GALCOM story, called Ship of Dream Treasures.  It was a fun story.  I did double duty with it—the story is for my Heroes/Heroines Collection class.  You’ll get to see it about two months with four other stories (whatever the heck they are).  The link is to the first three books in the series, Crying Planet, Ghost Ship, and Cursed Planet. A fan describes these as being “like Star Trek.” – HOME PAGE

If you’re interested in reading some of the old pulp stories, this site scans in the original magazines.  You get the stories, and the wonderful artwork, both on the covers and in the stories themselves.  No one does that much anymore because it costs so much money, which is a shame.  It’d be cool having a story illustrated like that. By the way, you may run into John D. MacDonald’s stories.

What spring sightings are you seeing? Post in the comments.