A lot of my weekend ends up being writing activities. This is often the biggest block of my time.

I fell and whacked my knee on asphalt Friday morning. Very painful, especially on Friday. It is getting better, but sitting with my knees in the normal position means not as much time today. So I was kind of in and out.

But this was what my day looked like:

Planning: I spent time adding tasks to my task list, mostly for images for the covers for the Great Challenge stories. I just plopped them in December. I’ll decide later what to tackle first.

Promotion: I scheduled tweets for the next week for the two promotions I’m part of for September. Never again will I do two at one time. I also worked on setting up a list of tweets I could use over my next promotion, an online book fair in October (over 50 books). I spent a lot of September coming up with the tweets on the fly and it’s just unnecessary extra work each time. With a day job taking up most of my time, I can’t waste time like that. I’m looking at setting up the entire month of October next week sometime.

Superhero Portal: Cycling pass on Chapters 6-10. I ran a search and replace for crutch words, to highlight them in yellow. Then I figure out if I need to replace them. It’s an eye-opening experience to see some paragraphs with groupings of the words. I’m also surprised I’m not as bad with these as I thought.

This cycling pass is also the one I typically do right before I slid into the climax of the story. I plow through the entire story, cleaning up any problems, filling any new information in, tying things together. Sort of story housekeeping. Still it’s a bit boring, so I’m looking forward to returning to the climax soon!