My day mingling writing around the day job. Before work:

I’m out the door for a circuit that takes me through a local park.  It’s still dark out when I leave, the lightening sky showing mottled clouds.  The sunrise is a weak tea glow in the east.  Late summer crickets greet me with a rolling wave of friendly chirping.  By the time I circle back toward home, the sunrise turns sherbert.

Breakfast next.

I grab 15 minutes on Twitter to do replies, add a few more to my scheduled tweets, which I didn’t finish yesterday.  If a writer is on all the platforms actively every day, they either aren’t writing or they have help.  People like James Patterson have other people doing social media for them (James Patterson has 42!).

Time to telework.  I close down all my programs on the writing computer (something I’m trying to do more of, since my habit is to leave files open) and migrate to the work computer for the day.

Lunch …. Grab food.  I usually veg out and watch JAG (Season 9), but it’s not engaging me today.  So off to a quick round of cycling for Chapter 6.  The chapter is called “Trust an alien to screw up your life.”  I find myself adding more characterization to the scene, and also that I’ll have to think about it a bit more.

After work:

Dinner, and then onto writing at 6:00.  I set the dishwasher to run while I head on over to the computer.  I’m already tired after work.

Tackling the additions to Chapter 6 from earlier today.  Includes a bit of on-the-spot research: Perfumes.  These Are the 7 Types of Perfumes You Need to Know (  Chapter 6 is a wrap.

Get a good start on 7, filling in more details, building on something I added in Chapter 2 (anyone on the mailing list will get to see that).  I also catch a continuity error…an object moved from where I put it in Chapter 6 to a different location in Chapter 7.  My brain is shutting down, so I add a note for myself for tomorrow, reminding me to add more setting description, then shut down.

A reminder also here that one of the promotions is closing down at the end of the month.  If you want to grab free fiction from the Kindle Unlimited sale, drop in on the link and see if there’s anything you’d like.