I wake up with the thought I need to get a story out to the Writers of the Future Contest.  So I pop in and add it as a task so I won’t have to remember to do it (and probably forget).

The moon’s gorgeous, glowing bright white against the dark blue sky.  It’ll be at full tomorrow with the equinox.  One of the reasons I look at all this when I walk is that if I’m doing a fantasy story, the characters would be very aware of their environment.  You can’t go on a quest without noticing the weather.  Too many books don’t even mention how the characters navigate from point A to point B, other than getting on a road (it doesn’t help that what’s commonly taught about writing fiction tends to treat this as unimportant).

Short pass at Twitter.  Meh.  Onto Chapter 8 to grab what I can before work.  It’s turning into more work than I expected.  I left out a lot of the setting, so now I’m working through that.  Setting is still challenging for me to add.  I do better if I look at what I’m describing so I have a picture in my head.  If I don’t have the picture, it’s easy for me to not do enough.

Sign off and head over to the work computer. 

At the end of the day, I shut down the computer, clean up the desk, and head out to eat at a restaurant.  It’s how I close the door on work entirely so I can do writing.  I haven’t always done this well…terrible thing when you bring home the stress from work.  So I sit out in the nice day and eat dinner on the outdoor patio.  Won’t have too many more days of that.  Already sliding into chilly days.

Then I come back and knock out 90 minutes on Chapter 6.  I keep adding more stuff to it, but it’s good character stuff. 

Tomorrow, I dive in the map for the next part of the story.