Today, the rain is coming down so hard that I can see it bouncing off the glow of the walkway lamps.  I don’t go very far before I turn back.  I’m going to get soaked if I try the walk.  But I’ll try later once the sun’s out. 

Since COVID-19, I’ve made more effort to go outside regularly.  Sunshine is a prime source of vitamin D and deficiencies can contribute to getting sick.  Plus, walking is fun and can be inspirational.  I got some of my Great Challenge story ideas from walking the neighborhood.  Favor for an Alien, a Dice Ford story, came from seeing lawn ornaments.  Another I haven’t released yet was garden gnomes.  I’ve seen squirrels, does, chipmunks, rabbits, raccoons, cats, and lots of dogs.  Got to pet the dogs, too.

This morning, I grab my writing time on Chapter 8.  I won’t have time tonight. 

Write for a bit, break for breakfast, write again.  I’m putting food into the scene.  That’s been a challenge for me, but doing a short story a week really helped with being able to work that skill. 

Then time to shut down and migrate to the work computer.  It’s still raining.

The weather clears out in the early afternoon and it turns into a relatively nice day.  I grab a walk at 6:00. 

Then off to Discord for a writing meeting with a friend (also on the Great Challenge.  Six stories left this week).