This morning I wake up to the thought that I need to take one of the minions out of Chapter 8.  I think that’s really what’s been nagging at me.

Out for a walk while it’s still before sunrise.  It’s amazing to look at the moon at how it changes.  It went to full earlier in the week (probably on the overcast day).  Every day, a bit more fades off the right side of it.

I look at all this because setting is so difficult for me to wrap my brain around.  If I’m more aware of what I see, then I can better translate it into the story. 

I work on Chapter 8—think I’m almost done finally—this morning.  But I’m having trouble getting my brain engaged.  I don’t like having to do the bulk of my writing activities on the weekend.  So I work the edits on and off all day, almost all additions or changes to accommodate the character removal.

Reading mostly in the afternoon.  It’s such a gorgeous, comfortable day that I walk down to a nearby park to sit at bench to read (and finish the book).

On the marketing side, I do two newsletter emails for my sequence and add my tweets for promotions for the next two weeks.