The light from the moon is noticeably different this morning, much darker out.  The moon’s not quite at half, but it’ll be there in a few days.  Most writers describe the moon as full, a crescent, or “just a sliver” (an episode of Criminal Minds).  Or no moon at all. 

A hop on Twitter.  Not much going on.  So I go to the newsletter.  Post the one I wrote yesterday to the sequence and write a second that I’m surprised I didn’t do.  Get that one up.

And time for work, so I shut everything down and slide on over to the work computer in the other room.

Lunch I drop in for a few minutes and finally Chapter 8 is done.

Cut off work at the end of the day.  Dinner, and then I cycle through the last two chapters.  They don’t take as much time.  I use Word’s Read Aloud feature starting at the beginning to check for missing articles.  It mispronounces pontificating (which, it turns out, was spelled wrong).  I wonder how it would do with a word I routinely misspell, tentacles. 

Got enough cleaned up, so I’m good to go for the evening.