The moon’s a little past half this morning.  Makes me wonder if the half and half nature of it originated stories about yin and yang, Janus the two-faced god, and even Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde.  So much of us originates in nature because that’s what early people would have seen and tried to understand.

And something we’re losing because everyone is glued to electronic devices.

I’m scrambling a bit this morning after breakfast.  Not much time, so I hop on Twitter, very glad I loaded the promotion Tweets. This is why it’s best to try to do things in advance and all at once.  Because you don’t know when time’s going to get crazy or short.

I once ran into a writer who complained about doing her blog posts at the last minute, and how they were interfering with her writing.  I asked if she knew she could do them in advance and post them with the scheduling tool in WordPress.  She ranted furiously at me that she wasn’t a hack and would never do that.

Scratching head.  Managing your time means you’re a hack?  Who knew?

Actually, waiting until the last minute tends to put you in flight or flight mode.  That’s a lot of expended energy.  A huge problem for knowledge workers because a lot of them never get out of flight or fight.  And it turns exhausting, leading to burnout.

That’s part of writing with a day job is managing the day job so it doesn’t turn into that.

I’m offline for the day job until the end of the day.

When I slide back on, I’m tackling a mess of passive words in these five chapters.  They’re going to take some time.  I have a lot of highlighted yellow.

I’m not doing zero tolerance.  Sometimes they are needed but they’re also easy to overuse.  My goal is about 1% of the word count.  These chapters have more than their share!

Get about an hour in and sign off for the night.