This morning, I have to crane my head back to see the moon, since it’s moved directly overhead.  It’s like a theater curtain pulling back, halfway now. 

Back to knock out a bit on Twitter, then hitting the crutch words remaining in this batch of chapters.

Migration to the work computer until it’s time to shut down.

6:00 online, finishing up this batch of chapters.  The last two don’t need a lot of cycling.  I turn on the Read Along feature and plow through three of the chapters, finding more typos.  But it takes a good hour to do this.

Meanwhile, I picked up two cookbooks from Amazon and was shocked at the poor editing.  The cookbooks were for the Pegan Diet, which blends Paleo and Vegan.  The core of Pegan: No gluten, no dairy, no processed foods. 

The editing mistakes were pretty careless:

  • Beef stew with the primary ingredient of lamb
  • Main courses in the side dishes section
  • Metric measurements on some of the recipes
  • What the heck is a mug as a measurement?

But the most egregious editing problem?  Book 1 contained numerous recipes with whole wheat and pasta.  Book 2 contained some whole wheat, but a lot of dairy and included the processed oils of canola and vegetable.  I suspect the authors pulled from a stock of Paleo and Vegan recipes from other books without checking what Pegan actually was.

But that makes it worse because that means the typos and editing errors are going from one book to another. The author’s not paying attention. The publisher’s paying attention. The reader finds out when they buy the book. Not good…