Warm this morning, with a mottled cloud cover that we have all day.  Gray, like it’s going to rain, except that it never has that tang of rain coming.   

Not much time this morning.  Fifteen minutes for marketing on Twitter. 

Cycling Chapter 15-17 today.  Chapter title for 15: “The chocolate wanted to win the argument.” (Chocolate gets mentioned six times in one paragraph).

I’ve wanted previously to do chapter titles, but it’s easy to give away what’s about to happen. After reading a book where the author pulled a line from the chapter, I decided I could do that. It’s turning into a lot of fun.

I get through these three pretty fast, run it through Grammarly, then the read aloud.  I find several spelling errors Grammarly should have caught (like chococolate).  The Read Aloud is a really useful tool.  When it runs into a word it doesn’t recognize, it tries to say it.  So an extra letter immediately stands out.  Ninety minutes on this, and I’m ready to sign off.