I’m out in shorts again this morning.  It’s going to be a warm day, and, the ragweed off the scale (especially judging from how much I’m sneezing now!).  Last month, the chirping of the crickets seemed almost lazy, fitting how summer always feels.  Today, I heard urgency in the chirps.  They were faster, and louder. 

Marketing for about 15 minutes this morning.

Then 30 minutes on Superhero Portal.  I dod the Read Aloud on Chapter 17 from last night.  Mostly, I seem to be catching continuity errors.  The more detail I add to the story, the more these are cropping up. 

A quick pass over Chapter 18 for only one crutch word, was, before I have to shut down and walk across to the day job.

And I’m growling.  Due to a copy and paste error, I lost my changes to Chapter 17.  No matter.  I’m moving on.  I end up circling back to Chapter 18 because I realize I need to add new information—important information.  This is one of the primary functions of cycling.  Need foreshadowing of a knife in Chapter 2?  Slide on back and add it.  Keeps the story in line, keeps my thinking straight.  If I know something is wrong and I leave it for later, it nags at me, and worse, builds the story broken.  Broken breaks everything after it.

Ninety minutes on Chapter 18.  Need a little time to think about Dice’s reaction to the cards she’s been handed.  This is the chapter name: AN EVIL MASTERMIND IS AFTER  ME AND I HAVE THE PARTY GOD IN MY SUIT.

The party god is a change that came in because of cycling for Chapter 2.  I defaulted to the king of the gods because that sounded powerful and important.  But why make things easy for Dice?