This morning, I grab a quick walk out in the dark.  The nights are getting long enough that I return in the dark.  It’s much cooler today than the last few days.  Today, I’m not expecting to get too much of anything done.

Pop back, grab breakfast, then a quick 15 on Twitter.  Then to the day job for the day.

But not before I watch this video on cats (though it gets a bit annoying near the end). 

Someone on Twitter asked which you’d prefer to write about: cats or dogs.  Superhero Portal has both (Dice has a cat, and she visits with dogs).  But I prefer writing about dogs.  They’re portable.  In my Catherine Mayfield mysteries, she and her gentleman friend both have dogs and they take the dogs out for walks and have adventures.  A cat is just going to be in the house or maybe out in the yard.

No writing in the plan tonight.  I have my weekly writing meeting.