A fringe of wet pavement greets me when I go out the door this morning.  Rain last night.  It’s cooled everything down wonderfully.  But the rain will energize the pollen Death Star.  Going to be bad today…

Twenty minutes of marketing on Twitter this morning.  I’m running a little behind this morning.

Off to work.

Back on in the evening to tackle the rest of Chapter 18, though I may have to circle back to it after I do writing later in the book.  Give my creative side time to play.  I hit Chapter 19, but now the inner critic rears its head.  I decide to call it.

This is one of the things I picked up that a lot of writers don’t.  They struggle with the writing, force it along, and it becomes torture.  Writing should never be torture.  That’s the inner critic getting involved and trying to take over the story.  If the writing starts to turn negative,  stop.  That way, you don’t associate the writing with something negative.