Saturday morning, I’m lazy.  I do about 15 minutes of admin work related to writing, and another 15 on Twitter.  Breakfast out to a local restaurant (the chef was on both Chopped and Beat Bobby Flay, though he didn’t win either).

Zoom through the farmer’s market, then the grocery store.  Inflation is sliding closer on the horizon. Prices are going up.  Even my regular restaurant has been reducing plate sizes but not the price.

I spend three hours on administrative tasks on the writing side.  Some of this is cleaning up folders.  I also work extensively on my ebook template, and then on the cover template.  The less I have to do publishing, the better.  It also hits me that I’m still making some things too complicated, including the original template.  A lot of my time is spent simplifying the book links at the end to make it easier to add to.

Then it’s another three hours on publishing Mask Pretty, the first story from the Great Challenge.  This story landed in the final 31 for an anthology but didn’t make the final cut.  It also picked up a Silver Honorable Mention from Writers of the future.  The three hours goes from finding the cover image to building the book to writing blurbs and keywords to publishing.

Closeup of gray alien with round eyes on Mask Pretty cover.

Mask Pretty

A 1940s Hollywood Science Fiction Short Story

Ever since the UFO crash landing at Roswell brought the alien Trevi to Hollywood and made him a movie star, it’s been hell for fixer Rik Vale.  Bribes, threats, you name it.  Anything to keep Trevi out of trouble.

But Trevi is forced to live behind a mask, forced to live in loneliness, nowhere he can go.

Grieving for the loss of his wife, Rick understands the loneliness.  Tries to help.  A startling revelation will change both their lives forever.

A heart-warming science fiction story set on the backdrop of 1940s Hollywood.

Pick your flavor of bookseller (though this is still publishing and will take about 48 hours to show up).