It’s so cloudy outside that the sunrise merely lightens the sky from the deep night, to a deep blue, and then gray.  The starlings start chattering early, and boy, are they noisy. I stand under a tree to watch them.  They’re hard to see, flittering from branch to branch (especially considering how many the chattering indicates!)

This morning, I do two refreshes of books.  All the interiors need updating because I changed my newsletter address, so they’re all wrong.

First step for both is to clean up the folders and set them up in the new structure.  Rearrange the files and date them.  This is a future self thing.  If I have to hunt around for files, it eats at my time and can create frustration.

Woman walks through eerie hallway in Stain of Ghost

Stain of Ghost

Stain of Ghost is a straight interior refresh and slight cover update to add the line above my name.  And I goof it up because I forget to add the image credit before I publish it.  Checklists are important for things like this.  I made a lot of extra work for myself because I missed a two minute cut and paste.

I also start a checklist for refreshes with the cover artist credit the second item on the list.

Cover for Watcher Ghost with a space station orbiting a planet

Watcher Ghost

Watcher Ghost turns more complicated.  I discover it has never been refreshed since it was published.  So cover, interior, blurb, and keywords (though I steal most of those from the GALCOM Collection I did).  I do a read-through as well, since that won’t have been done since then either.  Cover image is still good, but the PSD file I use to build it is gone (probably eaten when my hard drive failed, twice. Backups are really important!).  Grab my template, slap the image in, fuss with the font colors, and I’m done.

I’d been thinking of changing out the image on this one, but it turned out the fonts just need a different color.

After I’m done with these two, I update my inventory spreadsheet to reflect that these have been updated.

Later in the afternoon, I’m tempted to not do any writing. The weather is messing with sinuses big time. But I sit down and continue my cycle through two chapters. I add more characterization in one chapter and fix continuity errors in another. Get 2 hours of writing in.