Fall is moving in today!  I walk outside right after sunrise and the wind is blowing cold.  I go back up for my coat and a light pair of gloves.  News says the temperature is 48.  Just a quick walk through the nearby park to get some morning sun.  I stop to talk with a man with a 9 month old bouncy black puppy who wanted to check me out.

Back in the saddle, I do about two hours of writing. Break for lunch, and another three hours.  I’m focusing on adding a total of three reaction scenes after a big battle.  Reaction scenes are when we take the time to let the character react to something that’s just happened.

And it hits me how much writers are encouraged to ignore these types of important scenes, in favor of the infamous “eliminate anything that doesn’t move the story forward.”  Reaction scenes don’t always contain plot, though they’re rich in characterization.  These are also where we’re likely to see the “domestic scenes”—characters might eat comfort food, take a hot shower, or even kick the heck out of a punching bag. Bonus! It was such a great opportunity to give Dice Ford superhero comfort food: Macaroni and Cheese.

Anne Allen also has a post up about chapter titles for indie book. Check the comments for some of my chapter titles from Superhero Portal.