Sunrise isn’t until after 7, so I watch 15 minutes of the Futures workshop.  Breakfast, then a walk outside to catch the first rays of the morning.  The air holds the chill close to the ground, cool enough I need a bigger coat. 

Then back for a short round on Twitter for my foray into marketing for the day.

And back to work today.  I’m taking it cautiously.  When I come off leave, it always ends up being a little rough Monday or Tuesday.  Everything wants to go wrong at the same time.  I don’t want to associate frustration with my writing, so if the day goes bad, I’ll put writing on the back burner.  I’ve done plenty of that in the past, trying to plow through anyway, and it’s a good way to burn out.  Worse, burnout is hard to see while you’re in it, and it feeds on itself.

…And I survive the day to dive into the Superhero Comfort Food chapter.  Lot of fun interchanges between the characters.  Especially when Dice finds out she has fan clubs.   I start a new chapter called Sidekick Mode.  Because what’s a superhero without her sidekick, pink hair and all?