Ten minutes on Twitter because I’m feeling unmotivated by it.  Then breakfast, and a walk in time to catch the bruised-looking sunrise.  The crickets are starting to fall quiet.  Just a few left now.  Probably all gone by Friday, certainly by next week.

30 minutes on Future workshop.  The weather change to fall makes me wake up a little tired, so a workshop is a good thing to do early in the morning right now.  The topic is burnout, and coincidently, I’m reading a book on burnout, called The Burnout Fix: Overcome Overwhelm, Beat Busy, and Sustain Success in the New World of Work.

One of the key things about burnout is that it can creep up on you until you’re drowning in it.  It also triggers a critical voice that shuts out everything including common sense and warnings. 

Indie writers can land in burnout territory by writing to market or letting the dollar dictate, rather than for themselves.  Like a writer who doesn’t like romance deciding to write it because it’s popular.

I saw this even in my fandom days.  One fan fiction writer was pretty good and wanted to write professionally.  She got praise from the other fans for her online stories and went into overdrive to produce as many as she could, telling herself the fans needed the stories as fast as possible.  She slapped them up so fast that they were riddled with typos, and eventually the quality of the stories declined.  She doesn’t write anymore.

Insert day job here.

I’m tired when I got off…must be an aftereffect of being on leave last week.  I dive into the logic problem in the chapter.  Turns out I just need to take out about three paragraphs.  Wasn’t obvious yesterday!

Some work on the next chapter.  I get about an hour in and I’m done for the day.