This morning, I run into a cute puppy the color of cinnamon on a walk.  A miniature dog, already full-sized at 3 months.  The puppy was ecstatic to see me, astounding the owner because he’d never behaved like that before. He bounced all over the place and wriggled and furiously wagged his tail, hardly able to sit still so I could pet him. Such a happy fellow.

15 minutes of the Future workshop, 15 minutes on Twitter, and onto work.

Towards the end of the day, we have a last minute emergency, so by the time I get off and hit writing time, I’m pretty tired. Check email first, find two spammy emails from people who found a single typo on a random post (left out a letter).  They direct me to a site promising to make my site error free.  My first thought is that if they have to do drive-bys on sites, digging through old posts to find customers to sell to, business must not be doing good.

Since I’m now no longer cycling and into new story, I read through the previous chapter first.  I’ve got a logic problem in the chapter I need to figure out.  But It’s hard for me to stay focused so I’m calling it after 45 minutes.  Think I’ll wander off and watch British Baking Championship.