Dice Ford, Superhero watches over her city in Superhero Portal

This is a huge win for me because I hit my deadline, and was actually a day early. I might have been a little earlier, but ChessieCon wiped me out last week. 

So I spent most of the week tying up loose ends on the story because my creative side needs all those resolved to make the climax work. It also made me realize I hadn’t done my diligence about the final scenes in the climax. A common problem for pantsers is racing through the end and not doing enough with it, which is what happened. I could taste the ending and it showed as being too thin.

I knew Saturday I would do the push and have it done, just like I did, week in, week out during the Great Challenge. I woke up knowing what I needed to do.

So now it’s off for a continuity edit.

What’s next? Good question.