Yoga Sunday morning. I’ve started doing yoga on the weekends since I shifted working out to the early morning. Keeps the pattern for the entire week. I’m using Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube, which is gentle yoga. Some of what I’ve run into are more of a ninja yoga and I want to focus more on the gentle stretching and balance, not going from plank to dog and back.

I end up thinking—it seems like all night—what I want to do next. The story will be with the continuity editor for about two weeks. I don’t want to start a new Dice book until I see those edits, since they may impact what I do in the next book. Plus the editor is creating a story bible for me. Win-win!

A project to fit in with the two weeks?

I’m warming up to that, though I don’t want to do short stories. I’m still a little burned out on short stories. So I come up with several ideas, all of which I can do:

  1. Write Like a Pulp Writer: Lessons From Writing a Story a Week for a Year.
  2. A book on cycling itself, since that doesn’t exist. I’m thinking this might be a craft series that focuses on one small piece of writing as it relates to pantsers. Most books on craft are far too generic and broad.
  3. Tech Talk for Writers, a proposed series on software like Word, Excel, Evernote. The programs are designed so you can jump on them and use them right away. Most people never get past that, and there are so many things you can do to shortcut your writing by employing the next level up. 

I decided on the first one. This was on my project list that I started at the beginning of the year, though I’d forgotten it was there!

First round was on getting ideas and on beginnings. Plus, I did a cover. Not final. I have a series title for the top that I haven’t decided on.

Write Like a Pulp Writer: Lessons From Writing A Story A Week For a Year, with a picture of a dog holding a pencil