I don’t always go out and have fun like I should.

Sometimes it’s too easy to get caught up in everything happening and just leave fun to the wayside.

I have a day job and write fiction on the side. Which means evening and weekends are usually my writing time.

Sometimes I can say writing is fun. Where else would you have adventures like:

  • Traveling into space
  • Solving a mystery
  • Being a superhero

Yet, getting out and away is just as important. So I’m going to share some of my fun.

Visiting a farm

I grew up in Los Angeles, so no farms there. Just a concrete city, lots of sun, lots of movie stars.

So when I found out a local place called Frying Pan Park had a working farm, I had to go.

I really wanted to see cows. Don’t know. Just because.

Gratuitous animal photos

Of course, the first animal I found was a cat. Got some serious petting. The cat was also carrying a litter.

Rear view of pregnant white cat with brown and tan spots

Next up are the baby goats. And they were hungry!

The goats came from another farm. Those mama goats gave birth to three babies, but they only have equipment enough for two. So the farmer sent them over to the park so they could survive. Both of these are a week old.

Two baby goats getting fed milk

Another baby goat. This one was older. He walked right up to the fence and checked me out.

A baby goat looks right up at me.
Got food?

Ah ha! Found baby cows. There were two hanging out in the stable.

Two calves and one sheep in a stable
Ooh, can’t quite get that itch

Da cow! Da cow!

Dark brown cow with a white face, grazing out on a field

Scratching the itch

These days, it feels hard to be spontaneous. We’ve become a world where planning everything is encouraged.

How did we go from children wandering outside to play with dolls (or action figures) to planning every minute of the day?

Why does everything have to have sa specific purpose?

Sometimes there’s value in just doing.

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