We have a pond at work with about 50 turtles. I like walking around the pond when the sun’s warm and watching them.

Turtles actually have three speeds, not just the slow and steady of Aesop’s fable, The Hare and the Tortoise. (Golden Retriever Muse said it was fun revisiting this story.)

Speed 1: Sitting on a rock, soaking up the sun. They usually have one of their feet kicked up in the air.

Speed 2: The slow we all know. This is the turtle on land, each step slow and deliberate.

Speed 3: Watch a turtle chase a fish in the water. It’s zip, zip, zip!

Learning at Turtle Speed on Steroids

Most of the learning we get today is taking that third speed and adding more speed. Even the Hare wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Our world wants to move fast, fast, fast!

Learn one thing. Hurry! Move onto to the next.

More is better.

Except that it really isn’t.

We aren’t always taking the time to process what we learn.

Collecting Information is Not Learning

Part of learning information is evaluating it.

How can I use it? What do I think of it?

Even questioning it.

Golden Retriever Muse finds a lot of information is presented as shiny. At the grocery store, she eyed a magazine on how dogs communicate. Or the magazine on how to simplify that was busy with tips.

Yet, all feel rather superficial.

Even writing sites are superficial

Writing Nerd has sometimes been frustrated by the lack of information on how to write–amid the clutter of information on how to write.

Writing fiction isn’t the only place. Everywhere seems cluttered.

Most of it is superficial. Someone else holds our hand and tells us what to do.

It’s like taking a multiple choice test.

But we don’t actually take in the information because we’re like the Golden Retriever Muse–off to the next shiny thing.

The Key is Balance of Speed

That’s where the other turtle speeds come in. Sometimes you have to slow down to learn.

And sometimes it’s best to sit in the sun and do nothing while you absorb what you learning.

It’s all about balance.

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