My writing day:

Sinus zombie this morning.  Takes me a few minutes for my blood to start flowing into my arms and legs as I start my morning walk.

It’s still dark out, clouds pressing against the horizon.  I pass a man in a ball cap being walked by a golden labrador.  The dog’s steps are quick and urgent, like he wants to get every bit of distance he can on the walk before they have to go back.

I’m a little early today so I wonder if I’ll catch the sunrise.  But as I round the corner, I spot pale orange streaks in the sky.  As I reached the end of my walk, the sky blushes a delicate pink into the orange.

Breakfast again, then Twitter.  Meh. Mostly political this morning.

My zombie brain is not ready for any writing with the time now freed up, so a cover.  I could do those in my sleep.

This one is for Blink of a Moment, a refresh that needs to be done.  Already have the image.  Play with the colors of the font, seven minutes, and it’s done. 

Cover on zombie brain:

A computerized man against binary code background for a time travel story called Blink of a Moment
This is a time travel story.

Since I’m in the folder, I added the new subfolders (1 Manuscript Masters, 2 Publishing Masters, 3 Archived Files), rearrange files, delete the old folders.  Update the task to add the next step: a fast review of the story and the blurb (need the first to do the second and before I do the interior).

Shut down and switch to the work computer.

Lunch I’m lazy and watch JAG.  I’m tired pretty much all day from the change in weather.  Have trouble remembering that it’s only Tuesday. 😦

Shut down work, then dinner.  Chill for a bit and to the writing computer.  I’m tired enough that I don’t want to do it, but I’ll do what I can.

I do better once I start cycling through Chapter 7, called As Long As No Cheetah Guys Are Involved (the titles are commentary from the main character).  This is the chapter where we meet the future sidekick. 

Then off to Chapter 8 and I realize I need a lot more setting in the opening.  The convention center is based on the one I visited in New Orleans.  It was such a huge building that one of the panelists said he just walked up to the room and got 10,000 steps. I believed him!

But my brain is zombifying now, so I’ll call it on Chapter 8.  Give me a chance to ponder the setting, maybe add a minion into the setting.