This morning, the sky is overcast, smothering the sunrise for a little while longer.  Rain I think, though I still can’t explain how I know this, or if my guess is right.

The crickets seem louder, more urgent in their chirps today.  We’re getting near the end of their season.

As I come back around on my walk, the sky in the east lightens, and on the right, the light is faint orange rising from the horizon.  The first tiny drop hits my chin, and then another on my cheek.  By the time I return, round splotches appear on the concrete sidewalk.

Breakfast, and then to Twitter.

Off that, still have time, so I dive back into Chapter 8.  Thinking time has helped—I’m adding food to the scene.  This was one of the hardest senses for me to do at first, but really, it’s about putting your character in a position where they are able to eat.  That means not thinking “Plot, plot, plot” all the time.  One of the best stories to teach me that was Malice in Morro Bay because it was a cozy mystery.  Lot of characterization, light plot.  My inner critic was beside himself!

But alas, time to shut down and migrate to the work computer.

Lunch – back on briefly to read through Blink of a Moment.  Then back to JAG. It started raining late afternoon, the wind hurling the rain furiously.

Signed off of work at the end of the day, dinner, chill for a bit, and to the writing computer.  I’m pretty tired.  I try to write, but it’s not in the cards tonight.